Introducing DuckDuckGo Tracker Radar to Blokada

After many requests from our users, the new and noteworthy Tracker Radar by DuckDuckGo is now available in Blokada!

Credits: the Tracker Radar database is licensed by DuckDuckGo under the CCBY-NC-ND 4.0 license.

How to use it?

Please note, despite the best effort to avoid any incompatibilities, this is an early preview, and it may break some of sites you visit, or apps you use.

In order to activate it on Android:

  • Go to bottom menu -> adblocking -> host lists,
  • Activate the list,
  • It may take some time before the new list reaches your device. To speed it up, go to bottom menu -> adblocking -> adblocking settings, and tap Sync in list download settings.

In order to activate it on iOS:

  • Update to Blokada 5.0.4 or newer,
  • Go to Advanced tab, then tap All,
  • Find the feature on the list and activate it.

How is it made?

Considering the data model of the Tracker Radar, generating a verbatim list of hosts would not work well and cause many issues for host list based content blockers, like Blokada.

Instead, we have developed a script that generates the blocklist in a bit different way. First of all, it will generate hosts with subdomains (and not top level domains), and will not include entries for very common subdomains, like www or api, that could easily break things. Second, it will only include entries for domains, for which the Tracker Radar detected enough of tracking resources for that subdomain. This, again, helps to eliminate entries that could break things. And finally, some categories, like CDN or Online Payment, are also ignored and not included in the list.

With this approach, we decided to err on the side of caution. Currently, the final list includes over 3k hosts, which seem to nicely compliment the more common blocklists.

We will adapt the script based on your feedback, so feel free to comment on this article!


Wow, that is really awesome:D!
It sounds like you put a lot of work into that, thank you very much:)!! I directly enabled it.


Thanks for the great work!

If anyone is facing problems with the images in wikipedia and the enabled DDG Tracker Radar List at the moment you’ll need to allow the domain

It could also be interesting for you to have a look at the following issue:


Awesome feedback. I just updated the script to fix this:


This lists blocks and thus breaks the Steam App

Somehow allowing the domain withing Blokada doesn’t help, it still gets blocked. Only deactivating Blokada helps.

Added to whitelist, this host won’t be included in the next update of ddg list (today).