Introducing DuckDuckGo Tracker Radar to Blokada

Please add to allowlist:

  • ||^ blocks YouTube users’ account pictures.
  • ||^ blocks images on
  • ||^ blocks thumbnail images for (NSFW)
  • ||^ and ||^ are false positives, preventing images from loading on
  • ||^ and ||^ breaks Spotify web player
  • ||^ breaks
  • ||^ and ||^ breaks
  • ||^ blocks images on
  • ||^ blocks embedded tweets.
  • breaks
  • breaks static images in S3 buckets in TradingView (Github issue).
  •,, all break SquareSpace sites like this one.
  • breaks Evoload [link removed] sourcing (NSFW)
  • breaks Reddit thumbnails.


  • is listed 9 times in the list. The other 8 duplicates can be removed.
  • breaks 3D model on
  • and breaks
  • breaks


i found the domain in

I think this is wrong.
By blocking this domain, you cannot login in a microsoft account.

Should be whitelisted. Blocking crashes the payment page for Adyen

Thank you guys, I have now updated the whitelist.

@yokoffing the other blocklist based on DDG you provided is an adblock-syntax blocklist, not a hosts-syntax blocklist like ours. The problem is that with the latter, you are much more limited, so we need to filter out hosts that will break things (as you noticed there might be some left).

Thanks for pushing the update and for the clarification.

Here are a few more:

! Breaks ``

! Breaks Independent newspaper

! Breaks ``

! Breaks ``

! Breaks and other crypto sites

! Breaks Discord media

Adding them right now.