All domains with cd blocked

One of the lists I have selected on the Blokada ad blocking section (either Energized Blu or Duckduckgo) started blocking all addresses with “cd” on it. It’s been like that since the last couple of weeks. It breaks several sites, for example
I get around it by checking the host log and allowing each individually blocked address to white list it.

Hey there,
this sounds more like a new topic to me;)
Okay, so this is not really a good solution for you, is it?
Please disable one of the lists for a day and check whether these problems still occur. And then check it for one day with the other list disabled.
In I cannot find a ‘cd’?..

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Sorry, I didn’t describe as extensively as I should.
The problem the other user was complaining about was happening because of a filter in one of the external ad blocking lists he has subscribed.
I didn’t mean the site itself was broken, but the media in it (like images), have “cdn” in the address. For example
The site loads, but without any images.
I was trying to reassure the original poster that the problem wasn’t in Blokada but in one of the filters from a host list.
I noticed the images from addresses containing “cdn” or “-cd” for some sites were being blocked, so I just added those links to the whitelist.
I could investigate it better but it’s cumbersome to comb through those giant lists on mobile hehe.
Anyways, I know “cdn” is also standard in many banner ads, so it’s perfectly understandable that it’s being blocked.


Yeah, this pretty sure is the DDG blocker then. Could you maybe feedback the domains you found which were blocking relevant content for you?

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Thanks guys. I will modify the ddg list to not include the “cdn” domains.

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I don’t know whether all cdn domains will be a problem though… maybe some will and some not… so maybe we can figure out which ones pose a problem and which don’t?

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Good point. So let’s create a list of concrete domains that should not be blocked, and I will make sure they do not end up in the ddg list.

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So @thyristor could you try to share the domains you found with us:)?

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