5.4.0 how do you add blocks to particular websites

There is a way to add these if you temporary uninstall 5.4.0 and reinstall 4.8.6 add custom blocks that way but if you try this on a fire TV device yes you can add them via 4.8.6 and update to 5.4.0 and… As soon as the app crashes from selecting the default lists you go back in and there been deleted so where is the add button so the custom lists can be added back in? Also before anyone says to use 4.8.6 for the fire TV version only I don’t like using out of date software I like the layout of version 5 and prefer using that on ALL my devices. So please urgently add a plus button on to the software so fire TV users who have version 5 can sort out that part of the program.

I’m sorry buf: What?

Well for starters it is the latest stable version 5.0.4 which I am issues with on both my fire TV cube and my Lenovo yoga tablet (that I am having the issues with

…with) I have tried re adding them (custom block list) on an earlier version 4.8.6 (stable) on both devices to get them on the devices n then re updated em both to the 5.4.0 stable or so I thought on the fire TV after I set them up and tried to add the default lists needed it would crash several times setting em to on before I had even switched the as blocker on and it would totally remove all the work I had done trying to add my custom block lists of ads needed blocking which none of your default lists have. On my tablet it had them custom block lists on there but as soon as I restarted the tablet or switched off and came back later they were all removed when it came back on. These custom lists and websites are needed for specific apps, because if not ads are coming through when you least expect it the default ad lists you have in version 5.0.4 block but not quite enough without the webpages and lists that I have. So please can you include the ability to add a plus button in the 5.4.0 version so we add the relevant ones missing manually I mean you had it in version 4 right, and a side note to add I have a Sony Xperia 5 phone with the latest stable version on as well and done similar tests like the fire TV and the yoga tablet and I dunno if it was because it remembered em from version 4 but the custom lists and websites that need to be blocked have all stayed on. Ps custom lists and websites meaning custom blocked hosts from version 4

Custom blocklists aren’t implemented in v5 for now.
Feel free to stick with V4 for the time being

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