V5.4.0 "My blocklists" display is empty if there are no blocked sites


Would appreciate your help with this:
“My blocklists” display with Blocked and Allowed lists appears only when there’s at least one blocked entry.

  1. Add some sites to allowed list and check the new “My blocklists” feature. Allowed sites are not shown (tried also force stop + clearing app cache)
  2. Block some site. Only now allowed/blocked table is shown with the relevant data.
  • OnePlus 7T (Latest official 10.0.14 EU) / Android 10
  • Blokada 5.x downloaded from the official website. v5.4.0 - in-app update.


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Good catch.
I was able to reproduce that.
Stay tuned


Great catch. I will fix it in the next update.

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Thanks guys for your quick response

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