Xiaomi Poco F3 - Blokada not Activating in Second Space

Device… Xiaomi Poco F3

Operating System… Android (Global)

Blokada Installation… Package Installation from blokada.org

Blokada does not activate in Poco Second Space.

Xiaomi devices has the primary storage split into two separate storage spaces by default from the factory.

Both storage spaces operate independently of each other.

I installed Blokada on First Space (Primary Storage)…working, no problem.

I installed Blokada on the Second Space and it does not activate (changing white = inactive to blue or orange = active).

Additional Info
There are no other VPN or similar apps installed.

Blokada is the only DNS VPN app installed on the device.

Please help and provide guidance how to activate Blokada in Second Space.

Thank you.


Thanks for posting about this, it is interesting to know that there is such a feature in Xiaomi.

I’m curious, what exactly happens when you try to activate Blokada in Poco second space?

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