Quick settings tile doesn't work - Blokada Libre Android 11


Since last version (6.2 Libre) quick settings tile doesn’t work for me (Redmi Note 10 / Android 11)
Actually it works to activate Blokada (if it was deactivated) but the tile doesn’t stay to accent color and it doesn’t work to deactivate Blokada.
I tried to clear app data and start with new install, with no luck.

[edit] I just installed beta app, and it doesn’t work either :unamused:


Hi there,

Please share the log with me at hello@blokada.org, I’ll take it from there

Ok, log sent :+1:

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Blokada Libre cannot be activated/deactivated from the quick settings of my smartphone (Axon 40 ultra-Android 12). Thanks.

Same here on Samsung S22 Ultra. The tile will enable Blokada but always says "Deactivated"c


I have the exact same situation. With a Samsung S21. When activating by pressing the quick tile, the icon turns blue (on) for a second then goes back to “disconnected” but the VPN stays on.

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Hi all!
In Poco F3 with android 12 and Miui 13 doesn’t work too…
And sometimes blocks all the trafic by WiFi…

Thanks, everyone for reporting that, we are working hard to fix it and we’ll keep you updated.

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