LineageOS - Multiuser - VPN and Blokada mixed up

  1. Blokada was installed via f-droid
  2. Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 (2016)
    OS: LineageOS for MicroG 17.1 up to date
  3. At this Tablet i created a second user for my wife. When i switch user, VPN and Blokada are mixed up - e.g. Blokada is running but VPN isn’t.
  4. From the beginning of installing LOS and Blokada
  5. i deactivate Blokada when i switch user and activate as other user - it is easy to forget to activate Blokada

Thanks for reporting this. Sadly Blokada can’t work with other VPN at the same time. Also, neither LineageOS, nor multi user setups, are officially supported by Blokada. I’m afraid we can’ help here, sorry.

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