How to route all VPN traffic through one Blokada installation on multiple user devices?

first of all many thanks for your great work! I have been using blokada now for years on various devices like phones, tablets and smart TV and it has been essential to safeguard the privacy of myself and especially my kids.

I have a problem now on a Samsung tablet (SM-T225) running Android 12 and Blokada 5.20.2. I am using several user accounts on the device, including a work profile. Unfortunately I did not find a way, to route the traffic of all accounts through one global VPN, Blokada installation in the main account. The only way to filter traffic for all accounts is to have separate Blokada installations in each account. These are disturbing each other however, since only one VPN connection in one account is allowed at one time. If I start Blokada in another account w/o closing the VPN in the other, it will crash.
Now I know, that some Android devices allow to route all traffic through one VPN. CalyxOS has this feature on Android 12. With CalyxOS one Blokada installation can filter traffic for all accounts. My Samsung device does not have this feature in the regular settins menu. However I know, that Samsung devices also have plenty of hidden VPN features in their Knox feature, which may be activated, as described eg here:
Are you aware of any method to enforce one global VPN on devices, which do not offer this feature as a standard in the settings menu?
Would it eg possible, to connect to the Blokada installation in the main account via a VPN app in the second account, which calls this app as its VPN server? What would be the server address of the Blokada app, if this works?
Are there any powerful VPN apps on the market, which can enforce a device wide VPN, if possible w/o root? I tried Cisco AnyConnect and OpenVPN w/o success.
Or are there any adb-commands, which can do the trick?
Any help is highly appreciated!


No, Blokada v5 doesn’t run a “real” VPN. It merely uses the Android VPN API and can’t support “clients” connecting to it. Having multiple users in one like this is a limitation when using this API and not something we can reliably support.

However with Blokada v6 we removed the dependency on running a local VPN. This would definitely work for multiple users, but requires a Blokada Cloud subscription.
Nevertheless you might want to check it out, there’s a one week free trial to see if things works out for you.

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