Blokada 5 and multiple android user accounts

Blokada 5.18 (paid) on Android 12.

I installed and am running Blokada on my primary user account on my android device. I then set up a secondary user account on the same android device.

Question: Will it work if I install and set up my Blokada account on the secondary android user account, in addition to keeping it running on my primary android user account?

It depends on device, but there were some problems being reported with multiple users. It’s a system thing, outside of our control. You may try it though and if it doesn’t work feel free to ask for a refund.

Ok, thanks, I will try this.

Question: How do you recommend I attempt this? Do I first disable Blokada in my primary account, and turn off the “always on VPN” on the primary account, THEN switch to the secondary account and enable Blokada on the secondary account?

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