Wireguard slots and keys on non Android/ios devices


Just a quick question on wireguard slots and keys for non Android/ios devices.

Are we able to use the same private key for multiple servers, so create a new Wireguard tunnel configuration by changing just the Endpoint server without re-generating a new private key?

I wanted to have 2-3 Blokada tunnels on my Mac each with a different location, but each location uses one of my five device slots, so I’m quickly running out of slots…




It is not possible to use the same key on multiple locations or to change the endpoint manually in the config file.
Currently there’s a limit of 5 devices for each account, Blokada can’t know if the same private key is used simultaneously to bypass this limit without enforcing one key for each location.

Unfortunately it means you need to generate a new config on app.blokada.org whenever you need to change the location for the WireGuard device. Of course you may also activate more than one account to get additional slots, but I understand that this is not effective for your use case.

Ok, thanks for the clarification.

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