Wireguard and blokada

When using blokada with wire guard should I be running both?

This confuses me a little bit or, has woreguard already been added to blockada?

Running both? As in both of them in the same time and on the same android device? That would not be possible as android permits only one active VPN connection. You can however have up to 5 simultaneous connected devices to the Blokada Plus service via WireGuard (i.e. PC / Mac)

Yeah I poked around and finally started to understand. Many of the messages about using it with wire guard were older, i assume prior to VPN being g i cluded in the add blocking software.

But i see your “only one VPN” and raise you 2.

In addition, anti-virus is running web filtering and look out thinks it has a vpn.

I’m lut of my depth if you’re wondering

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I don’t quite understand your problem to be honest. Do you use Blokada + and want to use Ad blocking? Or are you using two different versions of Blokada alongside each other?

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Just so that we can make things more clear, which messages were these?

Top response on Google and reddit

Combine with wording choice and just how and autistic brain read that you support with use WITH wore guard…


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