Each VPN configuration on Desktop counts as a single device although used on the same physical device

Blokada allows to set up 5 different “devices”.

Using Blokada on Mobile devices counts as one “device” where it is easy to switch between locations.
On Desktop devices this is not possible, so a separate wireguard configuration needs to be set up for each VPN location. Each different location counts as one device.

Currently I have four “devices” one is my mobile and the other three are used on my Desktop. If I want the three desktop configurations on another desktop device I would need 7 “devices” in total although I only use it on three physical devices where I can only use one at a time.

So is there a way to use Blokada on five physical devices with multiple configurations for desktop devices counting as a single device?

I guess it is not possible to determine if two or more configurations are being used only on one or on more physical devices?

If it is technically not possible to distinguish physical Desktop devices the terminology “devices” sounds bit misleading to me. Then it is more like configurations instead of “devices”.

Blokada doesn’t fully support Windows devices, that’s why the Wireguard solution was proposed and like you stated there is no way to know if the configurations generated were used on a single or multiple devices.

Thanks for letting me know.
It is a Linux Desktop but I don’t think it makes a difference.

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