Windows for allowed and blocked exceptions are different in size


This is about the new version of Blokada 6 23.4.23 downloaded from Play Store. The device is a Shift6mq running the official OS with Android 10.

The window for allowed exceptions is full screen:

When switching to the window for blocked exceptions is a bit smaller and the background of the activity page is visible:

When switching back to allowed the size increases again. I don’t think this is intended?

Any comments in this? It is just a tiny UI issue and hopefully not to difficult to fix.

Don’t want to be rude but it would be great to just let me know if you consider taking this on.


Sorry for the late reply, we consider all feedback and are not actively ignoring you.
We’re just a small team with a lot on our plate at the moment :slight_smile:

Your feedback is noted for future update, keep it coming!

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