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This is about the new version of Blokada 6 23.4.10 downloaded from Play Store. The device is a Shift6mq running the official OS with Android 10.

For this version it seems that it is not possible anymore to click on the entries tracked in the activity section to add or remove them from the exceptions. Is this intended? I felt this was a useful feature to handle exceptions. Now you have to memorize the domain and add it manually which is cumbersome.

Another idea which is related. What about opening the add exception dialog when long-(tapping) on an entry in the activity list and copying the domain for editing. This way it is possible to not only add an exception but also modify it in case one wants to use wildcards. If it is currently blocked it will go to allowed and vice versa.

Hey Daniel,

Thanks for sharing this, we’re aware of this and we already introduced a fix on the new build.

It’s already been submitted and we’re just waiting for approval from Google.

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Hi Reda!

Thanks for letting me know. Looking forward to the new version.

Any opinion about the suggestion?
I was thinking about the following. If want to allow/deny domain but there is also, why want to apply this as well. Then I would add an exception like * manually. In this case being able to edit the entry when coming from the activity before actually applying it would be useful.

Hi Daniel!

The release is out and it should’ve solved the issue.

Can you please check and let me know?

Regarding adding & managing exceptions manually, it can be done using the Blokada Dashboard ( but only if you’re a Plus or Cloud user. Is this something you have explored?

I don’t see it by now but will report here as soon as I get the update.

Yes I know it is possible in the web interface but it would be great to have the same functionality in the App. So when I click an item in the activity I will be provided with a similar dialogue like below.

Then it would be possible to edit the exeption before adding it.

Hi Reda!

I just installed the update and managing the exceptions from the activity is now possible again.

Also I forgot that instead of adding it as exception directly it is possible to copy the domain to the clipboard and use it for the manual entry.

With my suggestion the clipboard is not necessary anymore but in the case of adding the domain unmodified one extra klick would be required to confirm the addition which would not be necessary if there is no change.

I can live with the current implementation but leave this here as an idea.

Good to hear Daniel!

I’ll share this with @Karol and hopefully, it can be implemented in future builds, thanks for sharing!

Please let us know if you see anything else that can be improved.

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Thank you very much. I noted two more things with the new version. Will open separate topics for them later.

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