Newbie question about /Advanced/Exceptions list

I recently installed Blokada v5.18 on a Pixel 3a Android v12. It appears the only way to add an offending URL to the /Advanced/Exceptions/Blocked list from the /Activity feed. Is there not a way to manually add a URL to the Exceptions list?

In particular, the app notification shows the most recent 3 URL’s that are communicating with my phone. However, those URL’s do not necessarily match the ones at the top of the Activity feed. For example, the notification message shows or, but those URL’s never show up in the Activity feed. So how do I add them to the /Exceptions/Blocked list?

Thanks for the quick reply! When I tap Advanced/Exceptions/Blocked, I don’t see a plus sign or other icon to manually add a hostname to the blocklist. What am I missing??

I downloaded Blokada from F-Droid so presumably I have the full (libre) version. How can I be sure? The phone Settings/Apps list shows “Blokada 5” version 5.18.0. If I had the slim version, it would say that, right?

I’m afraid you are not missing anything, for version 5 at least. There is no way to add a domain to the block list other than activity list, currently.

F-droid is the full version, so not a problem there.

@RPMozley thanks for clarifying. So why do some of the hosts displayed in the Blokada notification feed not appear in the Activity list? I haven’t “bypassed” any apps or system processes.

I believe the domains appearing in the notification are the last few recently blocked.
This was the behaviour of v4 so it should be pretty much the same.
I can’t confirm directly as I do not run version 5 on my Android devices, only v4 (for various reasons).

In v5, the Notification feed isn’t just the most recently blocked domains. It includes the 3 most recent domains… blocked or not.

I just discovered WHY the Notification feed sometimes includes domains that don’t appear in the Activity list. I hadn’t noticed the icon with 3 ‘view’ options for that tab… All, Blocked, Allowed. The app apparently defaults to Allowed. Once I elected the “All Entries” view, I was able to confirm the domains mentioned in my original post are listed as blocked in the Activity list. They both are apparently included in the default blocklist. Problem solved.

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