Why does Blokada shut off while playing a game?

Some of you may encounter that whenever you are playing a game on Android, Blokada may shut off with no other notice.

The reasoning for this is due to Android’s Game Mode function, which forcely stops unneeded processes to maximize performance. This means that when a game is started, Blokada is stopped.

The only way to prevent this is to disable Game Mode. Try searching your settings for “Game Mode”. Some devices may have this feature, some do not.

This is not me asking a question, but rather me answering future questions.


My Samsung Galaxy S10e (Android 11) has the Samsung system apps ‘Game Booster’, ‘Game Booster Plus’, “Game Optimizing Service” and “Game Plugins”. I have never seen Blokada killed in the background when playing a game. From within “Game Plugins”, it is possible to install a plugin called “Priority Mode”. Among other things, this says it can perform background app cleanup, so I don’t believe Blokada being killed in the background should be an issue for Samsung phones with similar software unless this is specifically enabled.

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