Blokada 5.12 crashes after any activity on Xiaomi Note 10 Lite

Blokada was downloaded from, as an apk file.
Device: Mi Note 10 Lite, MIUI 12.1.6 Rom officilally, Android OS: 11.0
Since 06 June 2021, when I got an update to MIUI 12.1.6 (ROM for Xiaomi smartphones) I have realized that blolkada gets turned off.
After any activity on my device, blokada gets turend off, even switching to new song or answering a video call in whatsapp.
I swithched off the battery optimalization, and the ad servers that are obivious, like amazonnaws or on my blacklist. Morever all possible blocklists were turned on, from which the minimal ones, like duckduckgo (submenu basic). In addition I added all acceses to blolada, allowed like screen to screen etc. Also, stay alive on the boot switched on, as well as vpn always on was choosen.

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