What to do when Blokada displays the connectivity issues message?

Blokada 6 or newer can detect connectivity issues, and will display a small overlay to inform you about this. Don’t worry, usually it just means a configuration problem that can be easily solved. If you are experiencing this problem, please follow the checklist below to make sure your setup is correct:

  1. Check your Internet connection. Your device may simply be offline. Check if it is connected to a network (mobile or wifi), and if the airplane mode is off.
  2. Use only one Blokada app. Different versions of Blokada (for example v5 and v6) are not meant to be used together and they may interfere with each other. Make sure only one Blokada version is installed on your device.
  3. Deactivate other VPNs. Similarly, various VPN apps tend to conflict with each other, and in normal circumstances you should be running just one app of this type at any given time. Make sure any other VPN is deactivated when using Blokada.
  4. Try another network. If all the above is fixed, and you are still experiencing connectivity issues, your network may have some unusual restrictions. Try switching to another one (for example, from wifi to mobile) to see if the problems disappear. If they do, it means it may be not possible to use Blokada on the problematic network.

Experiencing another scenario? Please let us know below so we can expand this guide!



I installed Blokada 6 on my Android Phone.
I want to use Blokada 6 also on my Tablet. I deinstalled Blokada 5 and installed Blokada 6 and chose Private DNS Mode for my T40+ Tablet. After I do that I do not have Internet Access any more. VPN is allowed.

I tried Steps 1-4 but did not succeed.

Any suggestions?

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Hi, did you subscribe to blokada cloud or plus? :slight_smile:

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