What does the query mean: dnsotls-ds.metric.gstatic.com

Hello, I keep seeing the query in the Blokada log
dnsotls is always preceded by a new sequence of letters and numbers.

What does that mean and should / can it be blocked?

I haven’t seen this before…

Unfortunately, I see this again and again in my log.

I’ve also tried using the dashboard


to block, unfortunately without success.

Adding to block list individually is also not a solution as the numbers & letters before dnsotls-ds.metric.gstatic.com

every time is different.

It occurs on my tablet & smartphone.

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if im not mistaken it might try to ping the DoT services of google. It´s integral to DoT. *-dnsotls-ds.metric.gstatic.com should not be blocked · Issue #504 · notracking/hosts-blocklists · GitHub

Thank you for the answer, meanwhile it worked with the blocking but I will allow it again for now.