Very strange behaviour - E-Mails on Laptop disapear while Blokada is active at mobile phone

What you will read now is very strange and I as an IT’ler do not have any idea what is going on (beside that my mobile phone or Blokada is hacked ).


Since a while - I first have seen it 10 days ago on my Ubuntu Laptop with KMail but had already the assumption before, that something is strange - emails of my German GMX email account disappeared (only a few, but these all the time, reproducible). The have been in my inbox for about 10 to 30 seconds and then vanished. And no, there have not been moved or deleted by any rule, neither Spam, nor virus, nor own, nor the vanished emails have been in the deleted folder.

  • Yesterday I tested all day as again two bills vanished. I tested with KMail, without KMail, on different networks, nothing helped.
  • As I had also the GMX email app on my Android 12 Pixel 4a, I deleted the app in order to find out whether the App is the problem. It wasn’t.
  • I disconnected my mobile phone from internet (LTE/4G, WLAN, each, both) and … it worked. Well, in this case you think of a hacked mobile phone or a virus or the NSA or German Secret Service. I was shortly before to reset my mobile phone completely but had one more idea: I knew that I had other strange behaviors with Blokada before.
  • I stopped Blokada and … it worked (with the mobile phone on Internet and the GMX app back on my phone and logged in).

Very, very strange. How could Blokada on my phone delete emails from my GMX account without any GMX app or other email app installed on my phone?

I deleted Blokada’s cache, deleted the app, reinstalled it and … it works.


Blokada was able to delete certain emails on my GMX email account, even there was no email client running on my mobile phone. This makes me very, very nervous.

Yesterday I tested all day as again two bills vanished. I tested with KMail, without KMail, on different networks, nothing helped.

Does that mean you checked your GMX webmail inbox AND your GMX KMail inbox and the same happened in both inboxes?


  • KMail on Ubuntu laptop
  • GMX inbox via Browser (Firefox) on the same laptop as KMail
  • GMX email client on Android 12 on Pixel 4a mobile phone

Hi there,
This sounds very interesting. And very specific :joy:
Let’s look at the details, shall we?
First off: Blokada would need to read your keyboard input. There’s no such code in the app. Blokada is fully open source hence that can be checked without any further issues. Make sure to have downloaded blokada exclusively from official sources. F-Droid, and github are trustworthy sources

There might be something similar in another topic.

Both issues have to do with some kind of messages (emails/iMessages) and both protocols need an internet connection to work properly.

To sum up very quickly, Blokada seems to block the reception of iMessages on iOS (and some notifications) and it especially occurs when Blokada (the app) is active. When the WireGuard app is used or when the VPN connection of Blokada Plus is off, the issue disappears.

So it would seem that Blokada is able to block the reception of messages somehow. Could it be, following that logic, that the inbox would be unable to reach the email server because of Blokada Plus and causes the email to disappear?

Maybe I’m saying absolute nonsense but these two issues sound like they are linked.

The difference would be that certain messages weren’t deleted, just not shown correctly.
And that might be true for message content but not for the messages themselves.
They’ve to be listed.

Hi all,

I know how strange that behaviors is and as said, I have no idea what was going on.

I was going to add my test report (eight pages, German language), but it seams that I can’t upload a pdf file. If someone is interested, we have to find another way.

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