Bypassed apps sometimes get blocked

Occasionally an app will not function, and the solution turns out to be to turn Blokada off. This happens with apps I have marked to be bypassed. Just now, Gmail has refused to give emails to my client FairEmail. I am running Android 9.

It’s possible that these apps use Google play services as their content provider instead of reaching for the content themselves.
Try different blocklists as a first step

Thanks for the suggestions. I don’t think it would apply in the case of FairEmail, an open source email client downloaded from Github. If it is true, then Blokada would become useless to me if I had to bypass Play Services. I think that’s where most of the ads and trackers I want to avoid come from.

In the lists I see I just had OISD on. I turned it off and turned on Goodby Ads and DuckDuckGo Tracker Radar. I’ll be interested to see if I observe a difference in the ads getting through.

Hence I didn’t recommend that :stuck_out_tongue:
K-9 Mail works flawlessly for me

Getting off-topic, I used K-9 for a long time with satisfaction, but I apporeciate the greater feature offerings of FairEmail.

Now I’m interested:
Where do you see the differences?

Oh, dear, you’ve put me on the spot! It’s been a long time since I was using K-9, so I can’t really talk about differences.

In FairEmail, I like the Unified Inbox that lists the emails from all three of my accounts. The Gmail “labels” show up as folders in FairEmail, and I have a bunch of them.

I like the big avatars that go with each email (see attched screenshot). Most companies’ avatars are shown automatically, and a few users who are registered on…what is it?.. Oauth or something. The other users I can usually find a photo to put in my Contacts, and then they show up.

There is a huge number of options, and they are well-organized in separate tabs. The developer is very responsive to inquiries.

Adding images offers the option to just attach or imbed, and an option is provided to reduce the size of the image.

Almost all of the spam goes into Spam, and it’s easy to tag what gets through. You can also create more complex filter rules.

HTML signatures are supported.

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