Blocking gmail ads

Is there a way to block ads in the gmail app?

Could you please be a bit more specific as to where you are seeing ads within Gmail. It is difficult to help unless others know what you want to block.


When I go to a category in gmail, lets say Social for example, the ad appeats at the top and it clearly says “ad”.

Those are likely embedded in the app itself so it is not possible to block those.


I never have seen ads on the gmail app, this is before installing Blokada.

I believe they are talking about the social and promotional email ads that appear in Gmail account. Blokada is not designed to filter out email, please correct me if this is not accurate.

Yes, im talking about these ads. I was thinking if its pulling the ads from google ad servers blokada could block them but It seems its embedded in the app?

Just use bluemail much better no ads

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