Google ads & my privacy

My mobile my privacy Who are you Google? Google want not run any apps without ads but I don’t want easy to run apps without any ads.

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I have to be honest, I don’t understand your question completely.
You don’t want to see any ads in Google apps?
If you care about your privacy you should avoid using Google apps all together instead of trying to patch holes through blocking ads. They nevertheless collect tons of information about you, so better just use different services.
For example: use a Firefox based browser (for example Firefox or Fennec) or Chromium-based ones (Kiwi or Bromite).

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Thanks for the asked me my question was how to let Google, s All apps because Google are selfish making money policy

Okay. So basically with Blokada you can block ads in for example games or on websites. But in Google apps (like the News feed or the Search engine) you will often see ‘promoted posts’ or ‘sponsored posts’. Those ads can not be blocked using Blokada, as they are served by the same domain the content is coming from. If you would block the domain the ads would be blocked but the content would be blocked as well. So that doesn’t work.

That’s why you should use alternative services, like DuckDuckGo as search engine. Does that start to answer your question?

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