Two Simple Suggestions to Enhance User Convenience

Hi, I am new to Blokada, I really appreciate this useful app and the convenience brought by it, but I have some suggestions that may enhance user convenience, I hope you can hear it.

  1. Show blocked ads by the name of app (e.g. Reddit) but not codes
    This can make a more user-friendly surface for user to know how many ads each app created, but not some codes like that tell user nothing useful.

  2. Display the amount of data usage saved
    This can let the users appreciate how powerful Blokada is, thus the creator of Blokada can receive more favorable comments or even donations.

Thank you for your kind attention, I look forward to further updates and improvements!

Hi there :slight_smile:
Glad to see another new user here. Unluckily both ideas are nearly impossible to implement. It’s an android limitation.
This is regarding the first idea:

And regarding the bandwidth saving: Blokada blocks the dns request, hence the ad can’t be loaded. This means that there’s no way to tell how “big” the ads were. They aren’t hidden, they never make it onto your device


Oh I see😮, nevermine the current version of Blokada is already good enough😊.

If you’ve any other ideas, feel free to share them ^^
We’re always on the hunt for new ideas

I have one additional question to ask:

Blokada cannot show how much data saved, but can Blokada actually save data by hiding ads? Especially for mobile data which is pricy, thank you!

Yes, yes it does.
Instead of downloading the ad or even uploading the request to fetch an ad, blokada simply sends an error message to the blocked domain. Hence only a fraction of the bandwidth is used :slight_smile:


Oh it is nice to hear that! I no longer need to waste my mobile data on those annoying ads. :blush:


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