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Hi all,

I’m a new user of Blokada and when I love the app and it’s features overall, I would like it to have the option to block domains in a more flexible way (like letting the use of wild cards for example). Here’s why.

I think I have a malware in my phone. I dunno much about it, all I know is that it can use data connexion on the phone even if data is disable and wifi is connected, no antiviruses or antimalwares can detect it, and it spreads using bluetooth. I installed Blokada to monitor odd behaviors on the phone and I noticed that when my data is in use, there’s some odd domains involved. Those domains are likely to be generated randomly and consist of a suit of letters. Eg : ewbttpff, ndqnfcnza, ztohprcsaouaxlq. Those are the exact name of the domains and yes, they don’t have extensions (like, say, yet Blokada allows them to connect.

I blacklisted those I have noticed but since it’s likely some randomly generated names, it’s a battle lost in advance. It would be cool if we had some ways to tell Blokada to block odd domains.

Hello there:)
please check this article: What are the random hostnames in Host Log?
So don’t worry, it’s not malware!

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Hey !

Well, now I’m feeling a little stupid xD Thank you for pointing it out, very insightful indeed!

Don’t worry, how should you have known:)?
So, don’t worry and don’t try to block them, they are completely random generated and they don’t harm you:)

Yep, thx :slight_smile: But unfortunately, I know I have a malware somewhere, I was just hoping it was due to him so I can at least block it.

Oh no, that’s unfortunate:( well you could try to use Net Monitor to check whether the virus maybe calls IPs.

Will try. Thx a lot!

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Sure, you are very welcome! Good luck:)

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