Blokada on Android allows a lot of shady requests

Hello :sunny:

I have a question.
But first: Some days ago I downloaded Blokada from F-Droid and I use it on Android on a Shift 5me.

Since I use Blokada some shady requests have been allowed.
lets say every 10min. there appear some allowed request like this:


and so on…
Every letter combination appears just on time and if I try to block it a new one appears…
I am a bit scared because i can’t find out what it is… Do you have ideas? Thank you for helping me:)

They are nothing to worry about :slight_smile:


Thank you!! :slight_smile: I use ecosia, quant and firefox. I don’t know if they are chrome based. But probably its like you said. Thanks!

Ecosia and quant are both chromium based

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