How do i block these domains?

I’ve tried wildcard but apparently a.*.com is not allowed.

Tricky server admins.

You should be able to block www.a.*.com though :wink:

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Did it work?

It did not, didn’t match.


https://a.*.com was legal to enter, but after i hit Set, it doesn’t show in the Blocked list.

Do you have smartlist enabled?

No, advanced instead

The current implementation will only work if the wildcard is at the beginning of the domain. This is by design as checking if a domain ends with a specific string is much faster then a general wildcard system.

Further info why wildcards are implemented this way
Wildcard-checks are difficult to speed up because instead of normal domains which are saved in a special data structure allowing constant time checks wildcards have a linear runtime. This means that while adding more “normal” domains to Blokada has no impact on the speed at which Blokada can check a domain and the power used for that check every single wildcards will increase both values by a very very small amount. If we would implement it so generic wildcards are allowed that amount would be larger by a multiple of what it is right now which might lead to high power usage if a user would a lot of wildcards.

Correct format for wildcards
For Blokada(current version is 4.7.3) to parse a wildcard correctly it has to start with * followed by whatever the rest of the domain is and end after the toplevel-domain (e.g. .com, .org, .de, …).
Some example would be:


That is very informative and helpful.

Any suggestions for handling the rather diabolically named

style domain names, or is this simply a case that Blockada won’t handle well at the moment? 55 random hex characters. Sigh.

I’m afraid the only option will be to block them by hand. :confused:
But tbh I don’t think they will replace them that quickly so you should be able to keep up.
Where did this domain come from anyway?

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An Android game called Loop : Energy. Neat concept but I’m thinking less of it for using such a PITA background service.

Has this been resolved for you or are there any more open questions? :slight_smile:

I’ve got the workaround to block these manually for now. I’d say resolved.

It would be nice if you could mark a answer as the solution. :slight_smile:


I’ll come back from the email chain and do that

How about putting this in #guides:common-questions-faq? :slight_smile:

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hey there:)

Is this article not answering it detailed enough? If so feel free to add to the relevant information @Faedrak and @balboah.

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