BETA feature: Advanced adblocking rules

The ‘Advanced adblocking rules’ Feature is a Beta Feature you can activate if you tap Ad blocking / Ad blocking settings / Advanced adblocking rules. By enabling this feature you get access to a very powerful additional option to block or allow many domains at once.

You can add an entry to Ad blocking / Blocked Hosts or Allowed Hosts. An entry needs to look like one of the following examples:

  • You can use an Asterisk (*) to block all subdomains of a domain.
    E.g.: *
    This will block all requests ending with This means a domain like wouldn’t be accessed anymore.
  • A request like would still be accessed when using If you want to block that domain as well, you simply set * as rule in Blocked Hosts.
  • You cannot block a top-level domain. E.g.: *.com. This won’t be allowed by the app.

If you are using this feature, please tell us why you are using it in the comments.

Please note, that you can enable only one BETA feature at the same time at the moment. Either Advanced Adblocking rules or Smart List.

Hey guys:)
I tried to set up this article about the Advanced Ad blocking rules. Could someone please review it? I am not certain about the usage of technical terms and whether I forgot a case?
Thank you in advance:)!

Yes this looks very good, I have no objections

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A few days later when it came up I started to use it and it’s working just fine. I have a old phone with not so much Gig memory, 4 to be exact. I’m soon shall put in a other OS from XDA, but for now I have:
Xiaomi Mi Max 2 / Android 7.1.1 Miui10 Global Beta

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Very cool. Any specific domains you use these rules for?

How do you mean? Blokada is always on. It works in most app’s. Don’t remember what paper app it has no chance, maybe Reuter. You can see the Ad’s in Google chrome but you can’t click them. In many of the Web sites who selling things, there’s no Ad’s with Blokada. I haven’t any problems with FB twitter or telegram.
Edit /I love beta and when it comes up, I’m using it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Aha, well as long as you don’t manually add specific wildcards, the feature is not doing anything. As Host lists don’t include them.Then I’d recommend to enable Smartlist instead:)
I am happy that Blokada works this well for you:D!

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This was the latest beta and of course do I using it. The other working fine that to

Awesome, 1001 rules is pretty neat for Smartlist:D
Don’t forget to use the ‘clean’ function from time to time. It will remove all obsolete entries which are no longer included in any of your selected Host list :).

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Found a bug today. Updates from Google play. It started when I should eat and when I came back it was still trying to update :smiley: I turned down Blokada and then it worked.
I have set Blokada to start when I turn on the phone and it has the whole phone to play with. I mean, you’re from XDA!

Okay, hmm… next time please check your Host log for Google-related domains that are blocked. If this happens again, be welcome to open a topic in our Support section.

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