BETA feature: Smart List

What is the Smart List Feature?

The Smart List Feature is a Beta Feature you can activate if you tap Ad blocking / Ad blocking settings / Smart List. It is a feature which reduces the amount of rules (domains) stored in your RAM based on your actual need for these rules (domains).
The Smart List needs some time to adapt to your browsing habits so in the first week you might see some more ads than before.

How does it work?

Reading the scheme representing the Smart List Feature can be helpful to understand the following explanation.
On the first day of activation nothing obvious happens in your phone. But when it’s 4 am the feature gets active. It checks which domains were blocked during the day. These domains form the basis for your personal Smart List.
From now on only these few domains (probably about 100) will be kept in your RAM. Every domain that is now included in this Smart List will be included there forever (or till you reset or clean up the Smart List for example after deactivating a Host list).
From the second day onward always at 4 am the feature gets active again. Now it compares all domains that were allowed that day with your selected Host lists. If it finds a domain that is included in your selected Host lists that domain gets added to the Smart List. From now on this domain gets blocked as well.

-> This means for the Smart List Feature to work your device needs to be turned on at 4 am.
-> Also the request logger needs to be set to anything but ‘disabled’ for Smart List Feature to work. You find this setting in Blokada Ad blocking / Ad blocking settings.

What are the benefits?

  • reduction of needed RAM
  • you might be able to enable larger lists (from the second day onward)
  • a list that is trimmed to your needs without unnecessary additions
  • can potentially save battery.

Please note, that you can enable only one BETA feature at the same time at the moment. Either Smart List or Advanced Adblocking rules.


Thank you @cauthulhu for the great editing:)!