[béta]Blocklist / smart blocklist (béta) make Augmented Reality from Google not or partially working

I am on Android 10, OnePlus 7 Pro phone whit Oxygen OS and Blokada latest version 4.6.4 downloaded from the Blokada website.

When trying to use Augmented Reality in Google. it only works if [béta]Blocklist and/or Smart blocklist (béta) are turned off. The version before (4.6.3) the [béta]Blocklist had no influence on Google AR. Hope this describes the problem well English is not my native language.

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Good day and welcome to the forum:)!
What exactly does ‘not work’ mean? Could you describe what happens? No internet connection / no ads are being blocked?

When i search in the Google App for lets say ‘Tiger’ i see an Augmented Reality tiger whit a button that says push here to show the object in 3D. And the tiger appears in 3D. The next step is to show it in the room where you are in the lens of the camera. If the show it in the room button is pushend it gives an error saying ‘Cant open the object’ when the [Beta]Smartlist and or the [Beta]Advanced list are set to ‘yes’.

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Okay. Thank you for this good and detailed description:)!
Did you use these Beta features for some time?

  • for Smartlist:
    • please enable it and then check Ad blocking / Ad blocking settings/ List status - how many rules does it show?
    • please check the Ad blocking / Host log after trying to push that button. Are there any domains showing as ‘blocked’ (so an orange circle)?
  • for Advanced Ad blocking rules:
    • which wildcard domains did you add to Ad blocking / Blocked Hosts?
    • please also check the Ad blocking / Host log after trying to push that button. Are there any domains showing as ‘blocked’ (so an orange circle)?
  • which DNS server do you use?
  • do the same domains show in the Ad blocking / Host log after you disabled both beta features and tried to tap the button again?

If you want you can share screenshots of the Host log in the comments.

For Smartlist it shows 185 rules found, here’s a list of blocked hosts:

e.crashlytics.com (these are found the most in the list)

*Advanced Ad blocking rules
No blocked rules here.

Now i have reset (uninstalled and reinstalled) Blokada and the problem seems to have disappeared. Sorry for all the trouble i caused, at the moment everything looks just fine. Thank you anyway.

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Hm… ^^ what a strange behavior ^^
Next time before uninstalling the app, please share the log with us so we can check whether there is an error to be found:)
Don’t worry, no troubles caused:) Write again if you face the problem again!
Thank you for providing useful information! Have a great day:)