Blocks ads from disabled(highlights) lists, blocks non-ads, breaking android system/account sync (v4 and v5)

*Update: You can see the blocked connections in the notification but they don’t show in the stats window in the app (unless notification is showing blocked and allowed connections both). This is breaking google voice api calls as well.

  1. tested both release and beta(5.3) as well as 4.8.5
  2. Pixel 2 and Pixel 3, both stock with locked BL. Tried factory flashing the pixel 2 just to isolate this bug

a) The choose list pop-up disappears on first installation if you tap anywhere/on its own
b) Even with no lists showing on the ACTIVE tab, Blokada still blocks ads from the ones in Highlights. It blocks at the level that you activated in details. I checked using blu vs spark in energizer, I enabled blu and disabled the whole list, but it was still blocking It must be blocking goodbye ads and duckduck go as well
c) While energizer is active, if you tap to go into details, turn off a list and turn another one and back out to main list, the energizer is gone off the ACTIVE tab again to Highlights.
d) Even with no lists enabled, there is too much being blocked and they are not showing up in the Blokada log. By too much, I mean the default android ringtone picker, Microsoft exchange sync api and such, not uncommon third parties. Not sure why they don’t show in log.

  1. Since I installed it
  2. Tried factory flashing and starting from absolute scratch, as well as clearing app data and reinstalling. Tried reverting to 4.8.5

Perhaps it has to do with the VPN implementation somehow?

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Please note that blokada v5 uses the Energized Blu list if you disable all the lists. This can be found in the changelogs and on initial boot afaik. The feature is implemented for now because users tend to deactivate all lists and complain that blokada doesn’t block ads at the same time. We’ll add an option to use no lists at all later. Meanwhile you can choose any of the lists available to overwrite Energized Blu.