No easy to block In Blokada 5

Jerryn70 /Goodbye Ads don’t really work in Beta 5.0 10. I don’t really know why then it worked in the stable version. Therefore, I have to enter and block many Mi domains. The problem here is that every time you manually blocked a domain, the entire list jumps up to the last domain passed through Blokada. So, if you have now come 25 minutes in…
I want to keep a clean language so you’ll have to settle for three dots.
Xiaomi Mi Max 2 - Miui 10 Global Beta - Android 7.1.1
/ I’m going bug report to jerryn70 and when it’s free access to the computer, change the OS.

Try activating the configurations for those blocklists

Advanced -> Blocklists -> Tap on a blocklist -> Select configurations (xiaomi is there, in Goodbyeads)

As for manual blocking, indeed it’s not super convenient do add a lot of hosts, we’ll change that in future versions.

Now I’ve had Blokada from Nr1 :slight_smile: just had to remove v4 after changing 4 :arrow_forward: 5 :arrow_forward: 4 i have another id
Of course I have jerryn70. The problem is that with v5, Blokada doesn’t block it as it should. I’ve asked jerryn70 question if I should Bug report or if we should wait until v5 is not Beta anymore.

Please dont post your account ID publicly. You can always restore your account in Settings.

If it doesn’t block anything, then something is up with your configuration. You should share log with me at (the option is in the top right menu -> share log)

I tried to restore but then I had to ask Blokada to help me with it and I haven’t paid yet so…

I shall send it to you :+1:

Just some of problems
In English = The mail address wasn’t found

please decide for one way to ask about problems like this. Otherwise we’ll have double amount of work answering on TG and here:P I think you understand.
The correct e-mail address is :))

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Yeah and I’m truly sorry. That was that it was Karol who wanted it, None of us mere mortal :wink: I just panicked :scream:
Shall never happen again :v:

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Hahaha:D I feel you soo much!:smiley:
Perfect:) then let’s see what Karol will figure out:D

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any news on this:)?