V4 keeps upgrading to 5

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Hi, Android user and got the version 4.83 and personally on my own phone the Note 8 plus Galaxy it’s all good.

It’s happening now in late SEP 2020 on wife’s phone the auto upgrade to V5

Both our phones are standard by the way I have 9 (pi) and wife’s has 10.

My wife needed it on her android honour 8X but when you put version 4.83 on it suddenly upgrades to version 5 and because 5 is now on play it’s not as good because play do not like as blockers.

How can I stop her phone upgrading it to version 5 all the time please?

Hope you can help, thanks.

There’s a setting on the Google play store to do so. It’s nothing we can adress. All you can do is deactivate auto updating of the app within the play store.

Consider deleting the play store version and install one from our website or from f-droid.org
That’s the other possibility


Thanks for your email.

I am using F-droid on my phone, so that explains it that mine stays as it is. I did however initially get the APK file and put that on directly.

I will try this on my wife’s phone and see what happens.

I will add that 4.83 is excellent, 5 is for play though because they do not want it to work for them lol. Spoilsports! :rofl::rofl:

By the way thanks! I do like this app. :+1::+1:

I’m trying it out now on wife’s phone. Got F-droid on and will now wait and see if it works. Deleted it on Play and remnant files too. V 4.83 is the one!:+1::+1:

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