Setup Blokada 5 to use default DNS

Why it’s not possible to disable the DNS function? gives users the opportunity to decide whether they want to use public DNS or not.

For various reasons I need the provided dns Server from the Network DNS Resolver.

Currently I’m stock on v4 because this issue, because some services couldn’t work with this Restriction at v5.

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Just vote here: What is stopping you from using Blokada 5?

Please answer the question. The idea that you need to add a feature like using the default dns when the phone already does this makes no sense. Plus it defaults to cloudfare of all places? They have a terrible track record with privacy and security.

Marketing this program for security minded people then pulling this makes NO sense. If I can’t use my own dns then I’m just deleting this app.

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Cloudflare is a compromise between reliability, privacy and speed while default dns servers vary a lot depending on your provider and/or location. After all this application is available worldwide.

Please take part in the poll.
V5 is based on an entirely new engine which makes it mandatory to slowly move features from V4 to v5. Meanwhile we’re offering a wide range of different dns servers as presets you can already choose from.
V4 is still maintained for now. You can choose your default dns server there. It’ll take some time until all important features of V4 are ported to v5

V5 seems more like an app that wants to push you to buy some subscription.

I think that the result is that you should not use your own dns, but the so super great and x times better from the app developers. The whole thing of course for money.

Dear developers: leave the shit. Put on donations, but stop to make something good always broken by subscriptions.
I see no advantage in using a certain dns. Rather a disadvantage - especially concerning the use of my surf habits, which theoretically can be tracked wonderfully. It’s enough if Google and Co already do this…

Always let the user decide - and don’t dictate something just because 10 people think it’s great.

and you forget what speed really means. DNS have only a very small part in making something faster.

If it was only donations, the project would die over a year ago.

You can still use Blokada 4 with your own DNS, which is targeted more for power users. Blokada 5 is attempting to make things simpler, and target less technical users, so we are very careful in adding advanced options. Not saying it won’t happen, and those two may converge eventually.

Which might be true depending on your provider. But there are dns servers around the globe of Internet providers which aren’t protecting your privacy at all.

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