Rage: contact (bot)

hello, i just want to sent a little note to the support.
i got a wired bot to talk.

bot: “i could contact the team if you like”
me: “yes”
bot: “great”

wtf? no more info. does it do some think? sending response? no?
i want just an email.

me: “email”
bot: “can i have your email…”

what? i can send emails by my self. i have an email-app for that.

seriously, “ai”-bots do not work and will never be. (at this time)
currently they are only blocking people.

please add an direct contact option to your app.

in the end a human has to answer the questions anyway.


You do have the direct contact option here, or at our email :wink: We are a small team, we need a bot to not get overlwhelmed with all the messages.

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in the case of support for an app,
I initially assume how i can establish contact via the app.

the way via the website is more energy-consuming,
but as you read it didn’t stop me… :smiley:
but that could be an obstacle for people.

(I also know that there is an e-mail in the playstore.)

but if I ask the bot several times to give me the email,
and it only replies with one service “let me send you your message”,
then I feel patronized and deliberately put off.

similar to your interests or those of the bot,
so i have my own interests.
namely a quick contact without having to play around with a bot AI.

do not get me wrong,
if the bot works, it should of course stay that way.
but it must not be the only possibility,
if problems arise again.

i tried the bot and it doesn’t work for me,
So I ask you to incorporate a simple,
machine-free contact into the app.


I think the problem with AI is
it tries to answer humanely.
The problem with me is,
that I ask technical questions,
because I know that it is a machine.

an AI that doesn’t recognize the difference is not viable for me.