Private DNS with Wireguard

Want a challenge? I’m not new to Blokada. Big fan. You guys are only thing keeping me with a phone, even if I am burning through devices. Constantly dealing with an obsessed ex whose criminal activity leads his peers to want to attack my devices and shut me up.
Currently, it says my Blokada account isnt current for Plus. Used a tablet to make sure it was. (2 actually.) Using a private DNS that I created immediately on this phone with Wireguard. For a while it allowed me to delete weird updates in the Google Play Store to the correct ones. But now, it says I have no internet access on almost every app and Google Services. I can get into portions of my Google account, but many keys allowing proper changes are frozen. I think they rooted my phone and took over admin, but not sure. If I run internet any other way, nothing works. Then I usually loose some links when I turn Private DNS back on.
Anyone have a solution to take the phone back over besides buy another one? Thanks - Ms Egan, (the kind, old, Irish, math teacher you had in high school.)

Thanks for sharing!

We’ll need a few additional details like:

  • Device type & Android Version
  • Blokada Version
  • Blokada Cloud or Plus
  • Location / Gateway ( if you’re using Plus)

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