Prime Video app stops working on Smart TV

I got a new smart TV with Android 9, build PT02.200520.001, Kernel-Version 4.9.118+

First thing I sideloaded Firefox and Blokada to get rid of some ads.

When I tried running the (system app) Prime Video (version 5.4.2-armv7a com.amazonvideo.livingroom) I got a connection error. Nothing I did soved it, but when I disabled Blokada, it worked.
I couldn’'t find any entry in the log of hosts blocked, but for some odd reason, both apps can’t be active at the same time. Now I added the app to exceptions, to be able to benefit from Blokada and still have my Prime Video.

I am using Blokada 4.10.0

I’m using blokada on a firetv stick and everything is working fine so far.
Check whether or not a different dns or blocklist fixes the issue

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