"Ooops! Your Private DNS setting is set" issue

  1. Blokada 5 22.3.8 downloaded fron F-Droid
  2. This issue is occurring on Samsung S20 FE and S20 Ultra both Android 12 latest Security Patch
  3. Whenever I open Blokada 5 22.3.8 I get a pop up that says “Ooops! Your Private DNS setting is set. This may cause connectivity issues. Please turn it off in settings” Private DNS is turned off on both phones.
  4. This issue only started since “upgrading” to 22.3.8
  5. Uninstalling 22.3.8 and reinstalling 5.21.0 fixes the issue
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Thank you for reporting this.

It would be helpful if you could check if the same issue occurs if you download and install directly on blokada.org or if it only occurs through F-Droid.

I’ve only installed it on one phone 5 minutes ago but the 22038 apk downloaded directly from blokada.org does appear to be working correctly. no pop-ups so far

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I have the same problem on my galaxy s10 plus. Blokada is very slow to open and I get regular notifications that the app is not responding. Also often web pages fail to load and I have to stop and start Blokada to fix it.

I also installed the app via F-droid, I tried to install the apk from the site but that failed saying that there is a conflict with the app already installed.

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