Old 'device' confusion after renewing account

MacOS (bigSir 11.7)
Blokada Cloud installed via Profiles
VPN installed via WireGuard

Android 13 app

For the first month of Pro service I paid just the one month since I was testing to see if Blokada was for me or not. I had three devices configured (android phone, Macbook, windows desktop). After my one month expired, I renewed for 1 year.

After the renewall I noticed that my devices were no longer showing so made and installed a new profile and deleted the old profile. Now, I seem to have two devices for my MacBook. The old one and the new one. The macbook is configured with one profile as well as WireGuard vpn. It seems that there are two devices, one for WireGuard and one for the dns profile.

Did I configure this incorrectly?

Hmmm, Thinking about this some more, I’m wondering that, if wireguard is installed in windows should the DNS profile be removed or should they both be run?

Hi, thanks for posting about this because it’s a common question that we haven’t discussed in the community.

When you get 2 profiles inside your dashboard, it is most likely because you need to create the Wireguard profile manually while other VPN profiles get created automatically when you start using Blokada.

That’s not something to worry about, even if you are using the DNS method as well as Wireguard, your adblocking should be functioning correctly ( that doesn’t mean that it’ll get better).

Although using Wireguard only is enough to get the features of VPN and adblocking at the same time.

The method mentioned in the article below is for users that are subscribed to Cloud only, so if you are using Plus you can just stick with Wireguard and everything should be running smoothly.

You can contact us at hello@blokada.org for more account-specific questions.

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