Not working on crunchyroll

Hi, I’ve been using blokada for a few months now and a couple of days ago it just stopped working on crunchyroll I have no idea why (I’m on Android and I downloaded blokada off of Google play)

Try our website blokada version.
Maybe that’ll help

i have been using blockada for 6 month + for crunchyroll now suddenly it’s not working i enter crunchyroll and the video tells me can not connect to server or it stays loading for a while and the screen gets black and it receives 615 kb only

Try different blocklists and dns servers

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worked ty :slight_smile:

Hey I’ve been using blockada for a while but it just stop working for Crunchyroll.

I downloaded bokada from the play store i use a LG the issue that is accuring is that when i have blolada acdivated and open crunchyroll, crunchyroll doesent load and i have tried changing the episode and reloading crunchyroll but when ever i turn off blokada crunchyroll works fine?

Hey there Junior, happy to see you joined our forum:)!

Do all other sites work fine?
Did you change something in the settings already?

I didnt chanhe anything and i havent tested other sites because i only wanted it for crunchyroll if i were to test other sites could you give me a recommendation???

The cool thing about Blokada is that it’s a system wide adblocker. You should stop seeing ads in many apps (for example games, dictionary apps) after clearing their Cache (except for many social apps).

  • Make sure the setting ‘private DNS’ in your system settings is disabled.
  • Clear the Cache of your browser. If you are using Chrome or a browser based on Chrome, check this guide: Blokada doesn't block ads in Chrome.
  • now after accessing Crunchyroll, go to Blokada’s Activity menu. There check which hosts have been blocked / allowed recently. Something related to Crunchyroll should appear there. If there is more than one domain blocked, share a screenshot and we will try to figure out which one needs to be allowed to make Crunchyroll work again. If it’s only one domain: tap on it and allow it:)
    Afterwards reboot your phone and check again.
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I wanna watch something on crunchyroll on my fire stick on blokada 4 but it seems like I can only watch ads. I tried out blokada but it doesn’t do anything. Any tips?

We’ve just received confirmation that the new v5 blokada beta and its wildcard blocklist works with crunchyroll

Mine isn’t blocking ads for certain sites like Crunchyroll when i first downloaded it and used to watch anime on Crunchyroll no ads then after a few weeks I had ads every time
I don’t no if I’m being a idiot but I would like to no why it isn’t blocking ads
Thank you