I cant use crunchyroll and blokada at the same time

I downloaded bokada from the play store i use a LG the issue that is accuring is that when i have blolada acdivated and open crunchyroll, crunchyroll doesent load and i have tried changing the episode and reloading crunchyroll but when ever i turn off blokada crunchyroll works fine?

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Do all other sites work fine?
Did you change something in the settings already?

I didnt chanhe anything and i havent tested other sites because i only wanted it for crunchyroll if i were to test other sites could you give me a recommendation???

The cool thing about Blokada is that it’s a system wide adblocker. You should stop seeing ads in many apps (for example games, dictionary apps) after clearing their Cache (except for many social apps).

  • Make sure the setting ‘private DNS’ in your system settings is disabled.
  • Clear the Cache of your browser. If you are using Chrome or a browser based on Chrome, check this guide: Blokada doesn't block ads in Chrome.
  • now after accessing Crunchyroll, go to Blokada’s Activity menu. There check which hosts have been blocked / allowed recently. Something related to Crunchyroll should appear there. If there is more than one domain blocked, share a screenshot and we will try to figure out which one needs to be allowed to make Crunchyroll work again. If it’s only one domain: tap on it and allow it:)
    Afterwards reboot your phone and check again.
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