Not Receiving Notifications During Device Sleep

Please can I have some assistance.

To directly help you the best way possible please provide the following information:

  1. Downloaded from
  2. Samsung Galaxy S20+ (Exynos) Android 11 (CUA8). Running Blokada 5.9.0, DoH + VPN
  3. When my phone has been locked/asleep for approximately 20 minutes or longer, I no longer receive notications of any kind, such as Facebook Messenger, Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp, Email client.
  4. Ever since I’ve started using Blokada+ (VPN).
  5. I’ve added Blokada to the ‘never sleep’ list in Samsung Device Care (battery), added Blokada to ‘excluded list’ in Device Care memory optimisation, disabled Android battery optimisation for Blokada 5, as well as disabled battery optimisation
    for the above mentioned apps.
    I’ve also tried changing VPN locations and DNS servers. I have noticed this on the past 5 or so releases too. None of these changes have made any difference. I would like to post a log, but not publicly.

Thanks for your time.

Despite the issue I reported above occurring well before 5.9.0, I am still experiencing the exact same issues with the latest 5.10.1

Some assistance with this is greatly appreciated.

Wait until that happens again and share a log with me in private afterwards. We’ll see what we can do

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