New phone - Having trouble getting Blockada to work (oppo Reno 4 z 5g)

Platform: Android 10

Android doesn’t block ads in Words with Friends

Download current V5 and beta from Blokada website.

Oppo Reno4 Z 5g

Occurs on both WIFI and mobile data

New phone, works fine on old phone (Honor Play Android 9).

Blokada free version, tried current v5 and the beta from the website. Have set vpn as directed (though there is a new option “Block All Connections Not Using VPN” if set firefox and chrome do not work). Everything seems OK, but adverts for games etc get through.

Any ideas?

Oppo is part of BBK Electronics.
They introduced their own dns infrastructure a while back. If a site can’t be reached your phone will use hardcoded dns servers. We’ve implemented a workaround option in V4 so please consider trying the latest V4 and turn on “alternative dns answer”


Testing now.

Confirmed working, apologies, had to go out.

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