Nameless "-5"-App in any relation with Blokada?


I use newest Blokada 5.9, downloaded from, on Android phone LG-G810EAW.
After recently playing with blocklists in Blokada, an unknown app with the name “-5” appeared in android settings in the battery section (or I just noticed it for the first time). The app is not listed anywere else in the regular android settings/apps-department.
According to the screenshots, it was running 0 min in active/background use, but it still used 115% energy.
Is there perhaps any relationship to Blokada, e.g. due to the higher energy consumption of the VPN when more than one blocklist activated, or could this also be sign of an anwanted guest (although scanning with Playstore-scanner and different Antivirus-software was always negative)…?


PS: Sorry if this request is perhaps not related to Blokada, but playing with energy-consuming blocklists showed up the “-5”-app, and I have to start somewhere…

I believe that the - 5 appears in battery usage when you have wireless hotspot activated, I see the icon in your notification panel, upper left.

Dear Jrmt,

Thank you for the reply, that a good point, as I use the hotspot as access for some other machines, haven’t thought about this as “-5”-app.


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No prob, yes I only knew because it’s been posted in reddit threads.

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