MMS is being blocked when running

Whenever I have Blockada running on my phone, all picture texts and group messages cannot be sent or received. I get a notification and a “failed to receive/send” message. I downloaded from site via APK, installed directly, and I also tried with the Play Store version, but since the issue is still there, I’m back on the full version. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (SM-N986U1) using Android 11 (Kernel 4.19.113-22299729) Issue began when I switched carriers from Cricket (AT&T network) to Mint Mobile (T-Mobile) in June. I’m unsure of what port Cricket uses, I know that Mint runs MMS through “” on port 8080. If my issue is there, I don’t know how to bypass the block on that. I reimaged my phone, and I specifically bypassed my Messenger app and MMS service. Any insight as to what else to look at, or has anyone had a similar issue that they resolved?

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