Blokada is blocking RCS connection

Hello, blokada 5 seems to be blocking my RCS connection which ultimately means I can’t send or receive messages from other RCS users, MMS seem to work ok, I have a pixel 5, never had this issues on a pixel 2

Just check you blocked list,

Try to send couple times if needed,and tap the blocked domain needed then tap allow, it’ll be added to your white list.

If you want you can start a .txt of them that on any new fresh install or download you can added it in

I have 2 things bypassed and it’s still blocking my connection, both messages and mms services are bypassed

I do find some services don’t connect well at all. I assume they have a specific DNS they use, or probably more precise they probably connect directly to the service and when a dns service attempts they turn it down. At least one I’ve used wasn’t happy that my IP was half way across the world.

You can always make sure the “block connection without vpn” is off and toggle it to allow the app to communicate without the VPN

Other than that just double check the list after trying send a message, there are things that need to connect to a ridiculous number of places

Thank you, looks like bypassing the carrier service let’s my messages app connect ok, thanks for your help

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