Manjaro plus Blokada-VPN4LInux script causes no connectivity

Platform: Manjaro (Arch based Linux)

Title: Manjaro plus Blokada-VPN4LInux script causes no connectivity with VPN active

To directly help you the best way possible please provide the following information:

  1. Script is from I am uncertain of where to best contact the original author.
  2. Desktop computer as device.
  3. Manjaro plus Blokada-VPN4LInux script causes no connectivity. I have edited the script when I downloaded the zip because it required a dependency that’s no longer needed as WireGuard is integrated into the kernel now. Said dependency was wireguard-arch. I was able to complete setup of the script itself successfully, and had previously used it on Ubuntu 21.04 without issue. I installed Manjaro over the past week or two and immediately noticed the wireguard connection generated by the script does not connect to the internet. I’ve checked my firewall and whitelisted wireguard as a protocol for the home network. Some previous discussion was found here.
  4. Have faced issue since switching from Ubuntu 21.04 to Manjaro.
  5. Tried pinging sites in bash and connecting to sites in Firefox. Connections timed out and pings were not received.

If anyone knows how to get this VPN working or an idea of how to under an Arch-based distro, please share that information. My searches here and on the Manjaro forums have turned up empty.

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