Lost packets and horrible throughput for the last 2-3 weeks - Blokada 5.11.1

For the last 2-3 weeks I’ve been experiencing such slow speeds that I have to turn Blokada off at times to do anything on my Android S10, as well as using the VPN on my W10 laptop via WireGuard. Both connected to my home wifi through Xfinity.

Generally, I’m connected to Los Angeles on my phone and I have no idea where I’m connecting to via WireGuard on my W10 laptop.

It’s gotten so bad that I bought a Ping app for my phone to ping Google every second to keep a connection open.

If I don’t, I get a dump of all of the emails that haven’t been delivered to me throughout the day at around 5-5:30 pm Pacific time.

This is affecting my ability to conduct normal work receiving and responding to emails, Teams, Zoom teleconferences, Whatsapp, Hangouts, Facebook, etc.

Now, I keep Blue Mail, Hangouts, Teams and Whatsapp open and active on my phone and set a reminder to manually refresh each app every hour.

What is causing these issues and when will they be resolved?

Are there just too many users on the Los Angeles VPN?

I’ve pulled the log from my phone, but don’t see the ability to attach it here.


It is advised to send the log to hello@blokada.org rather than posting it here where all can see it. Please provide a brief description of the problems, with the log, in the email.

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