Looking for better ways to switch to other Bloaka gateway

Issue: in recent weeks, about 1-2 per day, the preset gateway stops.
When I try to change servers, Blokada hangs with trying to get the server list.
But I have internet connection, because the moment I deactivate Blokada, I get WhatsApp, email, web page loads, whatever.
Of course, deactivating Blokada is not preferable.
=> I am looking for better ways to switch to other Bloaka gateway.
When Blokada is deactivated, it is most of the time impossible to switch server.
It is kind of tricky to reactivate and immediately try get the gateway list to choose another gateway.
==> Is it feasible to have a “fixed” / “offline” list of gateways, where you may on-the-fly set or change the gateway, no matter whether it’s active?

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